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motorcycle dooring accidents

“Dooring” Presents a Potentially Deadly Danger to California Bicyclists

As bicycling for both transportation and recreation has grown in popularity, there are more opportunities for accidents to occur. One of the significant hazards faced by bicyclists in towns and cities in California is “dooring.” This occurs when a cyclist is riding on a street alongside a row of parked cars and a car door… Read More »

injury claim insurance company santa barbara

Don’t Discuss Your Car Accident Injuries with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Soon after an automobile accident, while you’re still recovering from your injuries, you may get a phone call from a representative of the other driver’s insurance company. It is most likely a claims adjuster, who will ask you how you’re doing and perhaps ask other questions about the accident and its aftermath. It’s also possible… Read More »

Big Box store injuries

Why Customers in Big-Box Stores Are at Significant Risk of Injury

Big-box stores, those retail warehouses offering a wide array of products, have become a staple of the modern shopping experience. Their immense size and extensive selection serve to draw in hordes of customers daily. While these outlets offer convenience and variety, they also pose unique dangers of slips and falls and other mishaps. Here is… Read More »

Recognizing Delayed Symptoms of Car Accident Injuries

A car accident can leave victims with not only visible injuries but also with hidden ailments that may not manifest themselves immediately. Just after a traumatic event, the body starts producing hormones that mask pain in order to help cope with the situation. Some injuries can take several days to become noticeable. However, they can… Read More »

motorcycle dooring accident lawyer

Your Rights as a Bicyclist Hurt in a Dooring Accident

Bicyclists share the roadways with motorized vehicles of all types and sizes. Those who ride in areas where cars and trucks are parked along the streets are susceptible to “dooring” accidents. Dooring occurs when someone in a parked passenger vehicle suddenly opens one of the doors into a lane of travel. A bicyclist may ride… Read More »

santa barbara Motorcycle Accident lawye

The Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding is great sport but inherently dangerous. Being small in size and relatively unstable, motorcycles are more prone to accidents. Also, motorcyclists’ lack of external protection makes them more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a crash. Knowing the principal reasons for motorcycle mishaps is a good start to avoiding them. The… Read More »

calculating car accident damages after a car accident

Calculating Damages in an Automobile Crash Injury Suit

A car crash can be a terrifying experience. It can do great physical and emotional injury to you and others who were in the car, which may entitle these individuals to significant damages like medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. Calculating damages in a car crash is a complicated process. The value of… Read More »

what to do after a bicycle accident in sanata barbara

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycling is fun, good exercise and a great way to get around, but it can also be dangerous. Negligent drivers, poor weather conditions and hazardous road defects can lead to accidents, which in turn can result in serious and often deadly injuries because bicyclists have little to no protection from harm. If you are in… Read More »

helmet law motorcycle accident santa barbara

How Lack of a Helmet in a Motorcycle Crash Can Affect Your Lawsuit

Choosing not to wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle carries significant risks. California requires that all riders wear a helmet and failure to do so could result in a traffic citation. Worse, the lack of a helmet can greatly aggravate the injuries suffered in an accident and could reduce the monetary damages available in… Read More »

Car accident delayed injuries santa barbara

Delayed Symptoms to Watch for After an Automobile Accident

Car accidents cause serious damage and trauma to your body. It can all happen in just a few seconds. Even if you leave the scene seemingly unscathed, you could have lingering harm you do not know about yet. Some injuries may not show symptoms for days, weeks or even months after the car accident. There… Read More »